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Nokes wrote the copy for the Lytx Product Portfolio Guide, a sales tool to introduce clients to the company’s range of efficiency and safety innovations. Read it HERE.

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Nokes wrote an ad for AutoVenture on South Africa. AutoVenture’s three-day safari at Gorah Elephant Camp in South Africa captures the colonial flavor and wild safari sights of another age. The campaign was designed by Outsource Marketing. READ MORE.
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Deston wrote a new ad for AutoVenture, taking readers to Normandy Beach. Designed by Outsource Marketing.   Read more

Devotees of King of Thrones can tour the real-life streets of King’s Landing in Dubrovnik, Croatia. My writeup for AutoVenture, a campaign created by Outsource Marketing:

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People shopping for land are in for a treat this November 17–28, when we roll out LandCentral’s Black Friday promotion.
LandCentral, is a family-owned, national company that sells vacant land online. We will unveil specials that offer lower interest rates, cash discounts, and even a choice of monthly payment. Read more

It’s not every day that a client asks me to integrate Keith Richards into the brochure copy! My latest for AutoVenture, designed by Outsource Marketing: Read more

Deston wrote travel ad copy for AutoVenture, giving readers a taste of Washington, D.C. The ad campaign is designed by Outsource Marketing.

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Deston’s advertorial for AutoVenture’s tours to Iran — designed by Outsource Marketing.
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Deston writes a travel ad for AutoVenture. Designed by Outsource Marketing.  Read more