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Story and photo by Deston Nokes on January 18, 2014

One of the Emerald City’s best features is that there are thrills to had no matter what the season, the weather or age. From boats to baseball, and from towers to malls and museums, few cities have such an accessible and electric collection of fun.

Naturally, the first step in exploring the best of Seattle is to get your CityPASS Seattle tickets, as they dramatically trim both the cost and waiting times to enjoy Seattle’s best attractions. Next, I offer the following suggestions for a memorable weekend. Read more

FORE MAGAZINE: November/December 2013

There is no better time of year to visit the Arizona desert than the winter months, when the weather is perfect and the golf courses are in tip-top shape. Choices abound, with literally hundreds of courses and dozens of hotels that are right for every budget. Writer Deston Nokes visited recently and discovered three stay-and-play options we think you’ll thoroughly enjoy. Read more

Street art is thriving in cities from New York to L.A., if you know where to look.

travel-leisure-logo3From November 2013

Nobody loves slumlords, but some vigilante artists are taking it a step further and shaming them by spray painting and wheat-pasting murals with details about code violations on neglected Baltimore buildings. Read more

The Rose City’s gray skies and rains have only just begun, but thanks to Alaska Airlines, Portlanders can make a quick escape to Tucson, Ariz., for a healthy dose of sunshine, golf, poolside relaxation and outdoor adventure. Alaska Airlines now offers nonstop service between Tucson (TUS) and Portland (PDX).
Read more

Story and photos by Deston Nokes on October 1, 2013

GOLF TODAY NORTHWEST — Canmore, located an hour’s drive from Calgary, is Banff’s quieter neighbor. While Banff revels in the spotlight as one of the world’s great skiing and tourist destinations, Canmore is less crowded, has less glitz, and has affordable lodging and excellent dining. Read more

BERGEN HEALTH & LIFE — We live in an age of “instant” this and “warp-speed” that—disagree with something you hear on TV , and your tweet of protest can arrive in seconds. But there are still slower satisfactions, and you can have one of them in your own basement: the pleasure of collecting and patiently aging fine wines, to be taken out and savored only when they’re ready. So-called “cellaring” is a time-consuming hobby that involves study, trial-and-error efforts and lots of patience — just like life. And like life, it can provide moments of delightful discovery. Read more

Dining in Portland: The Alphabet District
by Deston Nokes

Portland’s always been a great foodie town, one of the best in the country. The problem lies in getting to try all of the new or established “musts” in town.

This is a particular concern of mine since I authored the iPhone/Android app Portland Essentials, which listed some of the Rose City’s top restaurants, events, landmarks and activities. Read more

CityPASS — Williamsburg, a popular eastern Brooklyn neighborhood of about 125,000 inhabitants, used to be a place visitors would avoid. Now it’s an icon of hipster culture, with lots of fun shops, bars, music venues and terrific people watching. It’s almost along the lines of when tour buses would drive through San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury to gape at the hippies when I was a kid. Instead, here you sit at a sidewalk cafe, sip an espresso and enjoy the show. Definitely bring your camera.

YOUR LIFE IS A TRIP — When I flew from Honolulu to Molokai, the culture shock was akin to leaving Las Vegas for a small town in Utah. Gone were the towering hotels, expansive resorts, chain eateries, blinking neon, and surging swarms of humanity on Waikiki.

On Molokai, it’s quiet. It’s gentle. The island is only 10-miles wide and 38-miles long. There isn’t a lot of structured activity and visitors should be prepared to entertain themselves exploring, snorkeling, hiking, making crafts and just enjoying the sensation of just being in Hawaii. Sportsmen find the hunting and fishing terrific, and there’s just one nine-hole golf course, where the pace is said to be …  leisurely. Read more