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Deston wrote about Hong Kong for AutoVenture tours. The ad campaign was developed by Outsource Marketing.

Experience the Queen of Cities 

Author James Clavell called Hong Kong the “Queen of Cities” and used it for the inspiration for two of his famous novels, “Tai Pan” and “Nobel House.” For hundreds of years, travelers and merchants have found this former British colony a singular fascination.

What is the best way to experience Hong Kong? Ask an expert, private guide from AutoVenture. As the gateway to China, Hong Kong offers a dizzying selection of sightseeing opportunities — from floating fishing junks to towering skyscrapers. With AutoVenture you’ll get closer to the culture, and experience the best shopping districts, the most authentic feasts, as well as the finest, most breathtaking real estate.

The tour begins at Deep Water and Repulse Bays on Hong Kong Island to see where the resident billionaires hang their hats. Note that there are more Rolls Royce’s per person in Hong Kong than anywhere in the world. In nearby Aberdeen, you’ll see a floating village of fishing junks, where a few locals still live.

Naturally, you’ll want to ride to the top of Victoria Peak for panoramic views of the city, before crossing the main harbor to Kowloon. Here you can find the world’s best bargains for clothing and accessories. If you’re hungry, Hong Kong has one restaurant for every 600 people. Trust your AutoVenture guide to steer you in the right direction.

In the village of Kam Tin, you’ll escape modern architecture in favor of 17th century walled neighborhoods. It contains several temples and historical buildings, including a study hall dedicated to martial arts. Stars Bruce Lee, Jet Li and Jackie Chan all had their cinematic beginnings in Hong Kong cinema. The tour culminates in the former fishing towns of Tai Po and Sha Tin where you can enjoy the Hong Kong Cultural Museum, parks and the 10,000 Buddhas Monastery.

For those unfamiliar with Hong Kong, an AutoVenture guided tour is the surest way of getting closest to the culture, and of capturing an unforgettable land.

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