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Portland author Judy Nedry had Nokes rewrite and reformat her website in preparation for the release of her new novel, The Difficult Sister. Nokes also drafted a press release and wrote the author’s biography for the book’s release:

Second Emma Golden Mystery, The Difficult Sister, scheduled for Nov. 21 release

the-difficult-sister-mdPORTLAND, Ore. — The Difficult Sister, a new murder mystery by Portland author Judy Nedry, is slated for release November 21.

The book is Nedry’s second installment in her Emma Golden Mysteries Series, which features a snarky, 50-something, former food and wine writer uncovering deadly misdeeds. The Difficult Sister will be available in trade paperback and as an ebook.

In the follow-up to An Unholy Alliance, Nedry’s first novel, The Difficult Sister places Emma in a remote, southern Oregon coastal town to search for her friend’s missing, ne’er-do-well younger sister. However, it quickly becomes apparent that the missing lady is in grave danger and may even be dead.

In the story, Emma Golden is recovering from a series of sad, drunken escapades that successfully ended her career. Her cohort, Melody, is rich, high-handed and spoiled — expecting those around her to do her bidding. The two women quickly discover that there are secrets to protect, bodies to uncover, and unexpected passions that threaten to derail their investigation.

John Valeri of the Hartford Books Examiner, provides insight into what makes Emma Golden such a cantankerous and memorable character: “Emma Golden herself is quite the character — and one that readers will look forward to meeting again,” Valeri said. “She is stubborn but solicitous, self-righteous but self-appraising. She also has a habit of running off at the mouth — an impulse that, while duly noted, she still can’t seem to control. While Emma can be a bit off-putting, it’s her sense of justice that motivates, and often redeems, her. (What’s not to love about a character that summons the “shit fairies” for advice and feds off intruders with a toilet plunger?)”

The paperbacks may be ordered online or in a favorite book store; likewise, the ebook has been formatted to be available on any kind of device, including Kindle and Nook.

About Judy Nedry Judy Nedry grew up in Northern Idaho and Eastern Oregon small towns. Because there wasn’t much to do, Judy immersed herself in books. When she read her first Hardy Boys mystery at age eight, she was hooked. She has been devouring and crafting mysteries ever since.

She earned a BA in journalism at University of Oregon and worked as a guest editor at Mademoiselle Magazine in New York City. She was managing editor at Bullfrog Information Service, an alternative monthly magazine located in Eugene, Ore.; and enjoyed a stint as features editor for a bi-weekly suburban newspaper in Portland. In 1980, Judy and her husband purchased vineyard property in Oregon’s fertile Willamette Valley to start a winery. She also began writing about the new-but-promising Oregon wine industry.

By 1986, she was an established authority on Pacific Northwest wines. She also moved her family from Portland to work on their vineyard outside Newberg, Ore. Judy and a business partner founded Northwest Palate magazine, devoted to Pacific Northwest wine, food and lifestyles. She edited the Palate for seven years, and continued to write freelance articles for national and international wine publications. In addition, Judy authored the book, Oregon Wine Country and Washington Wine Country, published by Graphic Arts Publishing in Portland. She may be contacted by email.

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