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Press Release: LandCentral announces property sales milestone

VANCOUVER, Washington — LandCentral, a family-owned, national company that sells vacant land online, announced today that it has sold 35,000 acres of land across the United States — the equivalent acreage of San Francisco or Minneapolis.

LC_Logo_Large_Gray“We’re proud to reach this milestone, especially for a company our size,” said Sarah Pearson, vice president of LandCentral, based in Vancouver, Washington. “We strive to sell affordable properties so that they’re within reach of the average buyer.”

LandCentral has been selling vacant land online since 1997, and is a leader in owner-financed, vacant land purchases. To date, LandCentral has closed more than 10,000 transactions with consumers who are buying land for an investment, a vacation property or for building their dream home.

LandCentral’s easy-to-use software helps potential buyers locate and purchase land across the country. Another benefit is the company helps bypass many of the barriers experienced in traditional property transactions.

“We help make the process of buying land straightforward, smooth and secure,” explained Pearson. “Buyers can shop online for vacant land across the United States, and settle the transaction without the need for realtors, banks, lawyers, title or escrow companies.”

There are no credit checks, no closing costs, and the only requirement is a credit or debit card for a down payment. Buyers are welcome to visit a property before buying it. Once a payment is made, buyers can begin using and developing it, providing that they follow county and homeowners association rules and regulations, and remain current on their land payments.

“LandCentral isn’t a listing service — we own all of the properties advertised on our website outright, so customers are guaranteed that the property will have no liens against it,” Pearson said.

“I have purchased three properties from LandCentral in Arizona and North Carolina, and every transaction was smooth and efficient,” said Eric Lee, of West Chester, Pennsylvania. “LandCentral’s in-house financing made it affordable and easy to own land, with attractive interest rates, convenient payment options and competitive land prices.”

For more information, contact LandCentral at 877-257-0231 or email invest@landcentral.com.

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